Reforestation areas are areas where the natural forest is restored. Reforestation is a less intensive system, and will provide less produce than agriculture.

Producing Good Seeds

Seeds are life; Saving and using local seeds is one of the most important methods for strengthening agriculture and increasing plant diversity.

Permaculture Design

Permanent Culture: Means conserving, supporting and working together with the local culture, while at the same time moving forward. Working with nature and people, as well as learning from them, and not working against or in competition with them.

كي تصبح غارس اشجار

في عصر يكون فيه كل شيء سريعًا ، حيث نتحرك  بالسيارات المزودة بمحركات وهي أسرع من الريح ، ونحصل على طعامنا من خلال التطبيقات ، وأصبح التواصل مع جميع أنحاء العالم في لحظة صغيرة عاديا،