Clean Green: Morocco

Clean Green: Morocco

Photo by Louis Hansel / Unsplash

Morocco is already a beautiful country and don't have a big pollution problem unless in some big cities, but we must undertake measures to avoid going the way of some countries.

By this small organization and charity we aim mainly to focus on some issues that can be solved.

  • Tree planting in cities to counter pollution and in outer cities to counter deforestation
  • Cleaning meetups, for awareness and for beautifying places
  • Urban farming
  • Educating young and old generation on the environmental issues, and climate changes, and propose solutions on environment issues + changing mentalities and mindsets + introducing botany courses
  • Recycling stations that can be used by communities
  • Propose to government: a ban on plastic bottles, cycling ways in main cities, introducing electric bikes, and electric charging stations + Solar panels

Easy proposals that can have big impact on health and wellness of citizens and of other living animals (birds, cats, ...)