Healthy Agriculture

Healthy Agriculture

Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Agriculture changes the environment around it. It is very important to be aware of changes which occur in the soil, water and people. Therefore, you can prevent negative impacts on the environment, and make the land more sustainable for you and future generations.

Protect the Surrounding Environment

An important part of agriculture is to protect the environment around it. Small and large rivers especially need protection. Clean water and healthy rivers are essential for our future. A healthy environment will also help to improve agriculture land. Cleaner water will reduce irrigation maintenance needs. A healthy environment will also bring more animals which are important for people and will add beauty to the environment.

Prevent Cropland Soil Erosion

Soil erosion from croplands will deplete your croplands. Erosion can also cause huge problems for lands below. These problems will continue on to rivers, and eventually to the ocean. Soil erosion can be prevented by:

Catching and storing water. Use swales and terraces for sloped land, even on only gentle slopes. For flat lands, it is important to control water flows on higher lands so that the water doesn’t build up on the cropland

Use mulch and stop burning. Burning damages soil structure, which makes it easier for soil to erode. It also destroys plants, which function to hold the soil together. Mulch protects the soil and improves soil quality, so that produce yields will increase each year

Croplands and areas around which have already eroded need to be replanted. Grasses, bamboo and fast growing legumes are best to plant on eroded lands.

The more individual groups work together to repair and protect their environments, the more areas surrounding will also receive benefits. This kind of achievement is difficult if people are working on their own.

By working in groups, people can support each other in reaching common goals, that is towards improving the quality of the environment, while increasing agriculture yields. On a national level, awareness needs to be encouraged and developed, from the family level until government levels.

Improving agriculture is important for the well being of our country. The natural environment must be protected.

These two goals can be achieved together if good, appropriate plans and techniques are used.

A sustainable future must be planned for as soon as possible if we are to reach our potential quickly.