Thinking and living a beautiful future

Thinking and living a beautiful future

Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

We see so many issues in our contemporary world, yet it is full of wonder world filled with hope for the future.

We made it to the 3 millennia, and it is a good time to start thinking deeply about our impact on the earth, the population is increasing dramatically, and unless we use our resources in a more rational way we may expect some terrible results.

For developed and underdeveloped countries the challenge is the same, to take care for the earth and the resources it has, we are now in a place of time that the impact of pollution will not only have an impact on our children but already have impacts on us. Many diseases spread and life killed throughout oceans and forest.

We should prompt all governments throughout the world for a change of policies, the same way it is prompted against car accident and regulations of planes.

When the world is growing at the speed that grows exponentially, there must be speed limitations for growth, especially on products that hurt the planet ( plastics, electronics, transport, production of electricity... ).

These industries need to be regulated with a full set of policies and new laws that impose on all restrictions that respect the laws of nature

Truth to be told, I want to live in a clean world, not hell, and you want that for you too I am sure of it, please help environmental causes even if it is just by your heart.

Thank you, have a nice day,