Photo by Birger Strahl / Unsplash

Imagine living in a world where we don't have to worry about something called pollution, dying species, climate change, and species extinctions.

It is possible in two ways either you close your eyes and ears to the facts and deny it, which is the option most people seem to take. I propose to you to take the second option which is to make changes in your lifestyle and incite others to do so, you will not do it for yourself only, but for all the generations of human beings that are coming.

It is our duty to respect them by giving them a world that is not only liveable but where life thrives and is comfortable from the work that has been done.
Our mission as human beings is not only to survive but also to ensure the survival of others, and to live holistically and with harmony with all creatures.

It requires sacrifices, but those are not sacrifices really, most of what helps the environment globally helps us live healthier every day, taking a bike instead of car will make your heart stronger and make you lose fat, not eating much meat have direct positive impact on health overall, low pollution decrease many diseases, not using pesticides implies clean food that heals and does not hurt... etc, what goes around comes around.

It is only a rational thing to think about a clean world if we are not to fall into dumb consumerism.

Planting that tree, acting against polluters, ride that bike, have reusable bag and bottle with you...

Small acts with big impact.
Cheers and Peace :  )