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Earth needs relief of our damaging actions.

Animals, insects, plants, trees, fish, and all living beings are waiting for relief from the noise and pollution that we create.

Maybe with this new pandemic, human beings as a whole will finally realize the fragility of modern systems, and start shifting their consciousness, thinking; and therefore create new systems that are in harmony with nature. Those systems anti-fragile, meaning that not only stands chocks, but get better at surviving and living life when bad things happen. The same as nature itself.

We should not mistake busyness with productivity, and should strive to make the world sustainable, by not damaging equilibrium. It is high time to rethink interventionism of human beings in all aspects of life, and start creating systems that flow in harmony with the cosmos.

All issues are intertwined, economical indebtedness through interest create indebtedness in raw resources in nature and time for human beings that cannot be repaid because money (or energy was created out of nothing). And this applying to all aspects.

The change then should be whole, economical, ecological, medical, scientific, artistic, spiritual and conscious...

In order to heal earth and ourselves we must first stop the damage, and then let nature recover and help her in this process of recovery.

“Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.”  
 ―       Hippocrates