Planting Trees

Planting Trees

The techniques used to plant a tree are very important for the tree growth later. Some techniques to use are as simple as:

  • Planting in the afternoon. Don’t plant trees during the heat of the day
  • Supplying enough water
  • Take care of the roots as much as possible, don’t disturb them
  • Watering pipe can also be added and will work even better
    Supplying enough water
  • Put mulch around the tree

Planting Fruit Trees

If you have enough water, fruit trees can be planted at any time of the year. If water is limited, it is best to plant when the soil is wet or at the start of the wet season.

Techniques for planting fruit trees:

1. Dig a hole knee deep, or more if possible. Fill the hole with water. Also water the tree when still in its container

2. Put a pipe (which can be made from bamboo) inside the hole. Place some gravel below the pipe to help with water flow later on

3. Fill a plastic bag with manure and place it at the bottom of the hole. If available, use a bag made of natural materials which will still hold the manure for a long time in the soil. Cover with soil and make a small mound in the hole for the tree to sit on

4. Carefully, remove the tree from its container without breaking its roots. If there are many roots, gently loosen the bottom tree roots. Then, place the tree in the hole which has been prepared

5. Fill the hole with soil. Make a shallow trench around the surface for water collection and to help with water supply. Make sure that the top of the tree roots are covered with at least 2 cm of soil to prevent the roots from drying out

6. Add lots of mulch around the tree

7. Water enough

8. Make tree guards if needed

Planting Reforestation Trees

Reforestation trees are planted using the almost the same techniques as used to plant fruit trees, with a few small changes.

This is because:

- Reforestation trees are usually planted further away from the garden and house area
- Reforestation trees need less fertilizer
- Reforestation trees are not usually watered so rain water storage is very important
- The ground is often harder, making it more difficult to dig
- The best time to plant reforestation trees is at the start of the wet season, when it begins to rain consistently.

Follow the same steps as used for fruit trees, but with these few small changes:

- Dig a smaller hole
- There is no need for a bag of manure in the hole
- Make a large trench for water catchment. Make sure that the trench is above ground level. This will help to prevent too much water collecting during the wet season
- Use watering pipes during the dry season

Dig holes for the trees, but leave them empty until the rains come. The rain water will collect in these holes and soften the soil so when trees are planted, they will grow better
Planting with swales will always improve results and help trees to grow faster and healthier