Make our cities beautiful, walkable and aesthetic

Make our cities beautiful, walkable and aesthetic

Photo by Amruth Pillai / Unsplash

Entering a city that unfolds before you like a living masterpiece is an experience beyond comparison. The streets, adorned with a tapestry of walkable paths and lush vegetation, echo with the laughter of children playing freely and families strolling peacefully. There's an undeniable serenity in this picturesque scene, a sense of achievement that transcends the ordinary.

As Fyodor Dostoevsky once said, "Beauty will save the world," and indeed, transforming our cities into havens of aesthetic delight is a journey worth undertaking. The path may be challenging, but it's far from insurmountable. The key lies in education—empowering communities to take ownership of their streets and surroundings. It's about fostering an understanding that the quality of aesthetics directly intertwines with our well-being; a better quality of life necessitates collective efforts.

It's crucial for people to recognize that even small individual efforts, when amalgamated, wield significant influence. Relying on oneself, rather than waiting for others to shape our lives and cities, is an essential step towards transcending mediocrity.

In the urban canvas, trees and plants stand as timeless symbols of beauty. Their organic allure resonates closely with our psyche, adding an enchanting touch to the concrete landscape. Advocating for a shift from cars to electric bikes and bicycles not only contributes to serene and safe streets but also aligns with the ethos of embracing a sustainable future.

Maintaining clean streets demands a civic mindset. Educating younger generations and supporting city cleaners in their endeavors can significantly enhance efficiency. Clean and green streets aren't just an aesthetic triumph—they elevate the happiness and well-being of the entire population. In striving for "The Virtuous City," we embark on a journey pursued by philosophers and virtuous individuals. While the ultimate goal may seem distant, the act of aiming for it surpasses settling for a utilitarian approach or accepting uninspiring buildings and neighborhoods.

In essence, creating a city that reflects inner virtue is an ongoing pursuit, a continuous aspiration toward an elevated existence. It's a commitment to transcend the mundane, embracing the philosophy that beauty, in all its facets, is the catalyst that can truly save the world.