First steps toward a cleaner world

First steps toward a cleaner world

Photo by Matthew Brodeur / Unsplash

People don’t want to hear about climate change anymore, and I understand them the term was used from some people to drive political campaigns, and most people are not ok with the political scene. Back in their mind people are starting to put the political in a trash bin in their minds, and the word climate change is put in the same bin following it.

So when you speak to somebody about climate change, the person want to challenge your thinking and idea of a cleaner world, or dismiss you, rather than being an actor. Being an actor is eventually harder and takes effort. I Myself have hard time finding time for going up and do real action.

So I am setting up a small journey of cleaning the world. And I want you to come with me in this journey if you wish to.

My aim now is not going to stop the industrial revolution, the information age, or the nuclear power plants, or shut down the lamps of the city. This is not my intention, rather I would like to offer a gentle way to work.

This way would be to find time to go outside and clean some patch of the wilderness that has been filled with human waste.

Maybe this is the first step to every wannabe natural protection preserver.

When somebody do this small action, he will connect again to nature. And this connexion is the only drive, that will make him want to defend this environment.

Maybe Not media, Not posters, Not Ads, Not catastrophe documentaries, not even getting sick of the pollution(you find people suffering of pollution in diseases and still contributing to it). will motivate him.

Now, I welcome you to make this first step of cleaning a patch of nature or neighbourhood, and maybe you will find connexion to the natural habitat and environment, and it will lead to greater inspiration.

That is my take for today.