Caring for earth, spirituality and religion

Caring for earth, spirituality and religion

Photo by Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Protection of the earth is resembling the protection a child will have for his mother. The earth in some way gave birth to what sustains the man by God’s mercy.

The air he breathes, the water, the food, the animals all are working for that. A human being that is too occupied to be grateful for he have been given will not receive the full blessings of it.

Being grateful and graceful, by being kind to the creation is a human nature in all of us.

All religions and spiritualists agree on the protection of the earth and on consuming less. That is for a reason, this is one of the major ways to live healthier, happier and increase our blessings from God.

When you are stuck in a situation you don’t like, think of what you can do for the creations and earth in a way that don’t consume too much and maybe it can solve your issues.

Peace and love,