Caring about the environment is indeed the challenge of the age

Caring about the environment is indeed the challenge of the age

Photo by Lina Trochez / Unsplash

Caring about the earth is it seems to be more and more obvious that it is one of the great challenges of the age we live in. With mass production, electrification, transport, automatization, global trade being facilitated by machinery and connected devices. But also a whole industry aiming at producing and selling the maximum of physical products in the least amount of time without taking into account the equilibrium and cycles of the earth.

The situation can be daunting, but let us not panic. There are solutions.

One of the solutions we can apply as individuals is take is to consciously to consume less.

To live with less:

- less devices

- less products boughts

- less plastic products

- And maybe also maybe if it is possible less clothing, less food and  slow travel

Aiming not for the more money but for the being.

But this is a big goal that truly seems sometimes daunting to some people living in some standards of living while for others it is just an everyday life situation.

The aim is not poverty, but sobriety and gratitude that let us experience life and experience true wealth.

To plant trees and herbs even if it is just in your small room or apartment, to clean even it is just the street or the patch next door are actions that you will surely be proud of yourself doing.

To start with small actions, before getting into the big actions, because if just anybody can do a small action the sum of it will be big.

Peace and love Brother or Sister,