What about green tech

What about green tech

Photo by Karsten Würth (➡️ @karsten.wuerth) / Unsplash

Green-tech can be an oxymoron, tech has always been destructive in some way, the first life-changing technology was fire. And since then, all technologies that were life-changing for human beings relied on fire or in modern terms electricity or energy.

Electricity is fire under microscopic control.

Now, technology is important for human beings, because it frees us our valuable time, and brings us comfortable lives.

The issue rises when technology is used greedily, burning a lot of firewood will have as result the extinction of a forest and creates negative disequilibrium in the ecosystem.

In the same manner, burning a lot a fossil fuel creates a bad disequilibrium because the amount of CO2 released is way above the capacity of the flora to absorb, and thus disturbing the fragile moderate climate we have on earth.

Temperatures rise is now not something we expect in the future, but is already a current reality, as graphs and data already show.

The disequilibrium expected by scientists will results in hothouse earth by the end of the century, if nothing changes.

This situation will impact you directly at your old age if you are now young, and will necessarily impact your future children and grandchildren that you will love more than yourself.

The truth is bitter.

But they say that truth is bitter in the beginning and sweet in the end, but lies are sweet in the beginning but bitter in the end.

Let's face this challenge together by being more responsible ourselves, and sparking the conversation with our neighbors and relatives and push the rulers to implement new rulings that defend our habitat.