The joys of gardening

The joys of gardening

Photo by Filip Urban / Unsplash

Never did I thought I will be one day a gardener; not because I did not like nature, but because I never had the time, the energy or the chance to do so. Nature has its ways though to bring you back to it, and eventually now I think a passion for plants is something that all of people have naturally.

The circumstances have led me to a place where without a job, and with a lot of time to spare, I started experiencing by planting seeds of all kind of fruits and vegetables that I was eating.

Surprisingly enough, the seeds started to grow in all kinds of shapes and forms. And every time a seed is planted, there was an expectation, a sort of enthusiasm to what kind of from of this new plant will be when it will grow, its changes from a seedling to full grown plant  are impressive, tracing the organic path of life, and we soon discover that we really are in deep connection with the plants, what we have been told about our DNA being half of that of a plant, is no more weird, we are in connection to life, to growth and the cycles of aging, seasons, weather, water and the cosmos.

Helpful hints about mental health and physical health are easier to have and learning from nature, the original slate of creation, become possible.

Surely, our world now is very far from the reality of humans living in harmony with their environment, that does not exclude that there should be a movement towards it, because in it is a key to attain spiritual equilibrium, that cannot be attained through worthless desires.

The path of ecological harmony and human peace are intertwined, for what is inside finds its manifestation on the outside. and all manifestation of corruption on the outside are certainly manifestation of the corruption of our hearts in the inside of human beings.

We should be convinced that preserving earth, the environment, life is above any economic or personal gain, otherwise we cannot solve the problem of climate change, here spurs the why of the matter.