Backyard tree nursery

Backyard tree nursery

Photo by Karly Jones / Unsplash

It is easy to set up, a backyard tree nursery will take you a few weekends spent setting it up.

If you have space and live in a place of the city where you can afford to plant trees in your neighborhood, you should think about it.

To grow trees from seeds never cease to amaze, the seemingly inert seed, that suddenly becomes a small seedling with few leaves is something that brings me joy every time.

You know you are doing a truly productive thing with your time, you will learn more about your food, about botany, the cycles of life, and even about yourself. It will teach you to be patient and resourceful. As well as grateful for all the food we find stacked in the supermarkets.

I use plastic bottles to make the pots. And I bring good soil from a forest or a garden nearby. It is fairly easy, and it demands the only handwork.

I know not everybody will try to do make his nursery, and that other people are specialists growing thousands of trees. My goal is to inspire a stranger to an act that we forget to do in our busy modern lives.

Find the time, do it, plant the tree,